Statement of Values

Group of soccer enthusiasts with 4 balls in the air.

Respect: We have respect for the game, for families, for the community, and for what it takes to make this development possible

Pride: We are building a culture of pride for the complex, as well as a pride in the cultural wealth of this region

Honor: Honor is earned on the soccer field and through everything we are able to accomplish as a community

Family Unity: This is a family complex; it has something for the whole family; when you engage someone from the community, you are engaging their whole family

Promoting Healthy Communities: This complex will provide open green spaces, and more healthy ways for a community to gather; We are creating spaces where everyone belongs, where families can come to connect and exchange with one another; This complex is for all of Salinas

Collaboration/Teamwork/Solidarity: Everyone has a role to play; People ready to work for a common cause in support of one another; it’s important to come together as one and support one another with our ideas

Equity & Accessibility: This Soccer Complex is not just about having a world class soccer facility, it is about creating pathways of opportunity for our youth. We are committed to breaking down the barriers that low-income households and women/girls face in sports;

Educational & Economic Opportunity: We are committed to building pathways to higher education/scholarship opportunities for our youth, understanding the academic implications/NCAA requirements to play @ the university level.

Community Ownership/Leadership: Promote participation among our neighbors; Community transformation through multiple projects

Inclusion: We are committed to keeping the community informed about this development and making information accessible to working families. This will be a welcoming complex.

Affordability: Strategic roadmap for fundraising

Sustainability: Respecting our natural resources

Narrative Change: When people hear, “Salinas,” they will think, “Soccer”

Salinas Regional Soccer Complex Guiding Principles and Vision