Salinas Regional Sports Authority Kicks Off New Website to Support the Salinas Regional Soccer Complex

The Salinas Regional Sports Authority (SRSA) announces the launch of their new website for the Salinas Regional Soccer Complex project. This local nonprofit has received grants and donations from national and local organizations as well as individuals to develop the Salinas Regional Soccer Complex—a 68 acre site in northeast Salinas devoted to all things soccer. Upon completion, the complex will include eight natural grass fields, two artificial turf fields, an indoor soccer arena, walking trails and outdoor multi-purpose sports courts.

SRSA partnered with Moxxy Marketing to design and program the new website. SRSA’s goal was to share all information about the project with the community. The website includes a site plan/map of the project, status updates, news clippings, board and donor information and information for the media about why the project is important for the Salinas community.

“We are excited about the launch of the website since it will help us relay information about the status of the soccer complex project and show progress,” stated SRSA board vice president, Alex Reynoso. “The new soccer complex will provide a positive, healthy outlet for kids of all ages in Monterey County.”

Moxxy’s use of WordPress, a free and universally-utilized content management system, kept the cost of the website affordable for a nonprofit yet allows for high-functionality. After a brief training session on WordPress from Moxxy, SRSA volunteers can easily perform regular website updates to keep the community and media informed about the soccer complex progress.

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