Leagues & Teams

Teams holding a banner.
At current estimate, there are more than 5,000 soccer players in Salinas alone.

Explore Monterey County soccer

Cali Youth Soccer League
City of Salinas Recreation & Community Services
Clubes Unidos Soccer League
El Camino Real Futbol League
El Camino FC
CCFA (Cesar Chavez Futbol Academy)
Salinas Valley Youth Soccer League
Salinas Soccer League
Gavilan Youth Soccer League
Monterey County Futbol Club
Monterey Condors Club
City of Salinas Sports Office
CSUMB Men’s Soccer
CSUMB Women’s Soccer
Hartnell Men’s Soccer Team
Hartnell Women’s Soccer
MPC Men’s Soccer
MPC Women’s Soccer

For updates on the Alisal High Trojans soccer team check out their Facebook page!

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