Community Summit Report

Overview On June 9th, 81 people convened to initiate the next phase of development of the Salinas Regional Soccer Complex, with a focus on engaging community voice and leadership. The goals of the summit included:

  • Updates on the design & last phase of planning
  • Community participation in the next phase to ensure accessibility
  • Collaboration & Alliance building Participants included parents, youth, educators, business owners, adult soccer players, soccer coaches, referees, philanthropic partners, and leaders from local government as well as community-based organizations.

This report outlines the core values that participants named at the summit and a list of recommendations as to how we can put those values into practice in this development. Some of the most salient themes & recommendations included: 1. Keeping the community informed of and involved in the development 2. The importance of collaboration and community as key to making this develop happen in the best way possible for all residents 3. Ensuring equitable opportunity particularly for working families in the region with less access to green space, educational achievement, and economic resources 4. Connecting the development of the soccer complex to the multiple developments happening in East Salinas to ensure the best interests of the community are driving them all as part of a larger vision for community health. Twenty summit participants signed up to join the working groups/committees established by the Salinas Regional Sports Authority to move this project forward. The most immediate next step is for those committees to meet.

Read the full report here.

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